Tips for Obtaining the Best Headshot:

* The clothing should be simple; no stripes or patterns.

* Wear solid, vibrant, middle tones or dark colors.

* Long sleeves produce the most dramatic headshot.

* Textures can work, but do not wear bold stripes or patterns.

* If you have blue eyes wearing a blue shirt will bring out the color. For green eyes, wear a green shirt. Etc.

AL BARNER27071.jpg


*For corporate/professional shots: Bring a few dress shirts (white, light blue, yellow etc.) and a few ties. All freshly pressed.

*Shave right before appointment, unless you are going for a scruffy look.

*For both a shaved and scruffy look: Bring a razor and shaving cream to shave part of the way through the session.



*For corporate/professional shots: Bring solid color, middle to dark tone pantsuit/skirt and a few long sleeve shirts (light colors) that fit under the jacket. All freshly pressed.

*If you color your hair, make sure roots are not visible. It is extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive to correct.

*Remove any unwanted facial hair.

*If you wear earrings, simple studs are recommended.

*Make-up and hair stylist recommended. Referrals available.



*Solid vibrant, middle tone/true colors recommended. No patterns or logos.

*Short or long sleeve Tee shirts, Polo shirts or Denim shirts with a Tee shirt under.

Still not sure what to wear? Check out our headshots or call us (305)424-8626.